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Become a Dealer

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Become a TFS dealer now and benefit from our unique 24/7 chiptuning file service. employees are online 24/7 to provide you with advice and assistance.

What do i need

A notbook

System requirements:

Desktop/Laptop PC Windows with x86 processor (Intel or AMD) > 2.5GHz
Free space on the hard disk: at least 2 GB
OS : Microsoft Windows 10 (32 or 64 bit) with all available updates installed
One free 2.0 USB port
Fast internet access with 5 Mbps or faster up to date

A tuning tool

We highly recommed the AUTOTUNER TOOL

The device is very userfriendly, very easy to use and its an all in one chiptuning tool for OBD, Bench and Boot.

And the best on this tool is, all updates are lifetime FREE.

Of course autotuner tool can flash many DSG and TCU control units also.

We can offer you a special deal with 15 free credits, that means, the first 15 cars which you tune, you get FREE from us. This recoup your investment.

A good file service provider – preferably one with 24/7

Most of the file service companies are not able to write their own files.

Ecu software application is very complex. Thats the reason why many companies needs to outsource their file service, in clear words, they buy their files and sell them again.

We have had this experience since 2008 and have 6 programmers working in-house. this is also the reason why we can offer our unique 24/7 chiptuning files support.

When should i start?

!! It's best to start NOW !!

With a relatively small investment, you can start earning good money immediately. With a partner at your side who will be happy to support you in all areas.

Please contact us for further information.